Pregnancy so far… 0 – 24 weeks

It was back in April that we found out I was pregnant, 2 week before my hen do and 6 weeks before our wedding in Italy… did I mention planning isn’t my strong point?! We were both absolutely over the moon, and because we were so busy (we?! obviously meaning ‘I’) finalising wedding plans the first trimester absolutely flew by.


We managed to keep the news pretty quiet, only telling parents just before the wedding. Everyone was shocked, but very excited. This would be the first grandchild for both sets of parents, and they were all thrilled.

I was 10 weeks pregnant on our wedding day. Other than the lack of alcohol (and typically, I have never been offered so much free prosecco in my life) pregnancy did not really effect the wedding whatsoever. There was no bump to hide at this point, and therefore no last minute dress alterations, and although morning sickness had kicked in a few weeks before, I felt absolutely great. We had the time of our lives.

The day after the wedding, I didn’t feel quite so chirpy. I spent pretty much the entire day in bed, after almost puking in our hotels swimming pool. What a welcome to married life! From that day on, until my 16th week of pregnancy I was either in bed, slouched on the sofa or sprawled across the bathroom floor with my head in the toilet. The highlight of my summer was listening to Adele at Glastonbury, crying, whilst throwing up in the loo. Good times. I’m sure my husband was so pleased he had chosen to marry me.

Β Other than the sickness, I have been fortunate to have a pretty uneventful pregnancy so far. We booked a private gender scan and found out back in July that we are expecting a girl. We would have been happy either way of course, but I did have a gut feeling from the start that we was having a girl. I’m not sure why, perhaps because the sickness was so severe, which is apparently often the case with girls.

Luckily ‘she’ was still a ‘she’ at our 20 week scan, as by this point I had already transformed our house into pink princess hell! Most importantly, it was confirmed that our baby is completely healthy which was a huge relief.

We are now into our 24th week, and time is dragging already. Our 20 week scan feels like forever ago. I am loving the kicks – she is a little raver, especially when it gets to bed time, which I am hoping isn’t a sign of things to come after she enters the world. What I am not loving so much is the breathlessness. I don’t think the muggy weather is helping with that. I feel absolutely huge already, and I cannot believe my body still has another 16 weeks of stretching to go! The countdown to due date is already on!

L x


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