Pregnancy Update – Week 26


Obligatory Bump Picture

Last week we entered week 26 of pregnancy. Baby is now the size of a slow loris (I had no idea what this was either). She weighs 2lb and has begun to open and close her eyes.

This week was an exciting one as it was finally time for our 3D scan. Originally we were not going to bother with one of these scans, because quite frankly, they freak me out. However I am weak, and caved in. Our scan was at one of the This Is My clinics and I would highly recommend this company. The scan cost Β£60 and we walked away with almost 70 photographs and 5 videos on a USB.

It looks to my completely untrained eye that she already has a full head of hair, which would explain the horrific heartburn that has kicked in this week. I’ve had heartburn on and off since the first trimester, but this week it has become unbearable. From 3pm onwards my chest feels like it is on fire and I’m drinking so much milk I’m thinking of investing in a cow for the back garden.

I’ve started to make good progress with the neverending ‘things to buy’ list, and managed to grab a few bargains from Amazon, the Aldi Baby Event and Next sale (mini haul post coming up). I also started packing my hospital bag, which is both terrifying and exciting!

Next week is another exciting one, we’re going on our ‘babymoon’ AKA last holiday as a couple, and we’re also hoping to pick up our pram!

L x


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