I haven’t been able to keep up with this blog as much as I was hoping to. Mostly because up until two days before Christmas, we still had workmen at our house completing our new kitchen, the kitchen that was supposed to be finished by September…

I absolutely have to write this post though, for the sake of my sanity.

Today I am 40 weeks 5 days pregnant. FIVE DAYS OVERDUE. I am losing my mind.

I was convinced this baby was arriving early. Sure of it. There was some problems with her heart during the second trimester, and I had a feeling this would lead to early induction but fortunately the issues resolved themselves pretty quickly. Baby has then measured big since our 32 week check, and I really thought she would make an early appearance because of this.

But no, here we are, FIVE DAYS OVERDUE.

Public Property

There appears to be a specific point in every woman’s pregnancy, usually around 39 weeks, where they become public property. Family and friends seem to believe they own a part of you. Phone calls and text messages no longer involve the usual polite chitchat. There’s no ‘How are you?’ ‘What have you been up to?’. All they want to know is ‘Is baby there yet?’ ‘Any sign of baby’? ‘Where’s baby?’. Just in case you had a baby and kept it a secret from everyone, obviously.

This constant hassling by what feels like everyone I have ever come into contact with, was bad enough at 39 weeks. Now I am overdue, I want to kill every single person that asks questions. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure these people mean well, they’re just excited but it’s too much. As soon as our baby decides she’s ready to make her grand entrance, I will want to tell the world. Until then, please just leave me alone.  I am at a point now where I am just having to ignore people, for the sake of my own mental health. I have turned off the house phone and I am ignoring social media, not only to avoid the questioning, but also because if I see one more birth announcement on Facebook or Instagram I may spontaneously combust.

Getting Baby Out 

Because I was so sure this baby was coming early, going overdue is not something I had even thought about. I did no research into what a sweep involved and never even asked my midwife when inductions were carried out in my area.

It turns out I was offered a sweep at 40+1. This was booked two weeks in advance, and of course, I didn’t think we would get to that point. Well we did, and I went ahead with the sweep as planned. Whilst it wasn’t the most fun I’ve ever had on a weekday afternoon, it really wasn’t too bad. It takes a couple of minutes max and is mildly uncomfortable rather than painful. They say if it’s going to work you will know within 48 hours.

29 hours after the sweep I started to get what felt like strong period pains and both myself and my husband thought this was it, we would have a baby with us before 2016 was out. No such luck. These pains have continued on and off ever since, although admittedly have been more ‘off’ than ‘on’ over the past 24 hours.

We popped up to the hospital this morning as baby wasn’t wriggling away as she normally does. After what felt like forever on the monitor, the midwife was finally happy with babies movements. I asked to be examined, to see if these pains had done anything. No, absolutely nothing, no change since the sweep last week. To say I was gutted is a huge understatement. I haven’t slept in days, have had so many baths to ease the pains that I am going to need a lottery win to pay our next water bill and all for nothing.

The next step is another sweep, which is booked in for 41+1. After than the final option is induction, which in this area is booked in once 10 days overdue. I would love to make this an educational post with lot’s of information about the different induction methods, but I still have my head in the clouds and refuse to consider induction as a possibility, even if it is looking more and more likely by the day.

Old Wives Tales

Along with the constant questioning about babies whereabouts, as you get closer to due date friends and family seem to be full of tips on how to get baby out. There are so many old wives tales related to inducing baby naturally, yet no scientific proof that any of these methods work. Here are just a few of the things that have been suggested to us…

– Spicy food

– Sex

– Long walks

– Bouncing on a birthing ball

– Bumpy car ride

– Pineapple

– Raspberry leaf tea

– Nipple stimulation

– Walking up the stairs sideways

– Aromatherapy

Well I have tried pretty much all of these now, and here I am, still fat and pregnant. Spicy food just resulted in heartburn, raspberry leaf tea is horrendous and did nothing and the long walks just made me want a nap. The only thing that seemed to have any effect at all was the aromatherapy. My midwife recommended using a few drops of clary sage oil and lavender in the bath. It could be a coincidence but the pains at 40+2 did start after trying this. As we still have no baby though, I wouldn’t call this a success.

The Waiting Game

So here we are, coming up to a week overdue with no end in sight. I am bored, fed up and enormous. I didn’t finish work until 38+2 and I am so glad I didn’t stop any earlier, because I really would be tearing my hair out by now. The boredom is unbelievable. Leaving the house alone feels like a big no-no, because I don’t fancy my waters breaking in Tesco, and I really don’t want to make contact with other human beings because I know all they will want to talk about is babies arrival. I am absolutely knackered, and can’t remember the last time I slept for more than 45 minutes in one go.

I am so, so done. 

Come on baby girl, I am desperate to meet you.



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